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Working Together
  • In-person ( face-to-face) and Virtual consultations
  • Walk-in services
  • General Family Practice including but not limited to: 
  • Mental health care
  • Hypertension ( high blood pressure)
  •  Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • COPD
  • Asthma and other chronic disease management
  • Prenatal care
  • Pediatrics
  • Care of the elderly, etc.

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Family Physician

Dr Sina Javadi is an International Medical Graduate who has a vast amount of experience as a Family Physician for more than 15 years. Certified to practice Medicine in British Columbia, he has experience in different medical fields including Chronic Illnesses such as Diabetes and COPD, Psychiarty, Prenatal Care and pediatrics.

A s a family physician, Dr. Sina Javadi’s aim is to provide the best care for his patients, inspire hope and nurture their well-being as well as treating them and their family members with sensitivity and empathy by respecting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.



Vince graduated in 2005 with a BSc in physiotherapy with honours from Dalhousie University Nova Scotia. Vince’s career has spanned 16 years and he has worked across Canada and the UK. He brings a wide breadth of experience and knowledge to his physiotherapy practice. Vince has worked in many different clinical settings, and has acquired a broad comprehensive skill set.  His strong clinical background has allowed him to successfully treat a multitude of orthopedic, sport, work and chronic pain conditions. Vince utilizes a “hands-on” patient centered approach to treatment. In addition, he has a special interest in hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In Toronto, he collaborated with SickKids and Mount Sinai Hospital to successfully treat this patient population.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Vince brings a friendly smile and outgoing personality. Fitness is an important part of Vince’s life.  He likes adventure holidays, be it hiking in Patagonia or visiting the pyramids. Furthermore, Vince is a bit of a research “nerd”. He is passionate about lifelong learning and constantly endeavors to improve himself.

Areas of interest

Rehabilitation of surgical and non-surgical injuries, repetitive strains, postural & movements dysfunctions, chronic pain and connective tissue disorders (Ehlers-Danlos especially).



Reza has been a Professor of Neurology in Iran for about 30 years. His main field of work as a neurologist has been multiple sclerosis, stroke, headache and back pain. He has completed 2 years of Acupuncture in PCU College in Vancouver and is a member in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of BC (CTCMA).

Reza has years of experience in:
• Beauty acupuncture (for face wrinkles and acne)
• Laser acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain, elbow and wrist pain such as tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee, ankle and heel pain, back pain, sports injury and for phobia to needles.
• Treatment of headaches (Migraine, Tension Headache)
• Pain control
• Needling for depression, anxiety, internal disease and other medical conditions.

His knowledge and expertise in Medicine as well as Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine brings a lot of success to his work as a registered acupuncturist.


Minoo Asadi

Clinical Counsellor


Message Therapist

Yechao (Charles) Hu has been in the massage industry for more than 3 years. He completed his RMT studies in Vancouver and Toronto and has received RMT licenses in both BC and Ontario. He is a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC) and the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

Charles is a good listener and a kind, considerate person who enjoys assisting people to improve their health and well-being. Assessment is his favourite RMT subject, and he is skilled at evaluating a patient’s condition and determining the treatment needed. He is skilled at a variety of different techniques depending on the needs of the client, such as deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. He can do myo-fascial techniques which can release adhesions and tension in the body.

Charles was born in China and has always liked to travel, living in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand for more than one year in each place. In addition, he has been to Malaysia, South Korea, and Hong Kong. He speaks English and Mandarin and is learning Cantonese. In his free time, he enjoys cooking very much and likes both Western and Asian cuisine. He has tried skiing, bungee jumping, and parachute jumping. He would like to do more outdoor sports in the future.